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For 30+ years, Matco Builders & Developers has provided a full range of home construction and remodeling services in Rochester, NY and surrounding communities. We are proud to be the team of contractors and remodeling specialists homeowners across Wayne, Ontario, and Monroe County choose for their home renovation and construction needs. Whether you are looking to build a new home or remodel your kitchen or bathroom, we are committed to quality, affordable services.

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Building Standards & The Building Process

Where do Matco Builders & Developers work?

We are proud to provide home building services anywhere in the Greater Rochester area, but most Matco Homes are now being built in the All-Seasons Subdivision in the town of Hilton, NY. This subdivision is located just minutes outside of Rochester, in a rural setting. The All-Seasons Subdivision is the perfect place to build your dream home. It is also the home of Gabriella’s Garden, a beautiful community garden celebrating the life of Gabriella A. Mattioli, daughter of Matco-owner Marco Mattioli.

Matco’s Professional Standards

  • No building loan interest
  • Buyer pays transfer tax
  • Buyer pays for instrument survey
  • Builder warranty per homeowner’s manual
  • Final walkthrough with the builder’s service representative before closing

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Our home building process includes the following services:

Before the home is built, the site must be cleared and graded. Once this is done, trenches for the foundation are dug. All standard foundations are built on block, although basements can also be poured concrete as an option.
Once the foundation is set, the floor, walls, stairs and roof are built. The frame is the shell of the home that provides the shape of the structure. Make sure you take into consideration the placement of all your windows, (is there going to be enough light in the room? is there going to be sufficient air flow?) These are things to change now on the drawings because they cannot be changed later.
This stage finishes the outside of the home and protects the inside from the elements. From the outside, at least, your home looks almost done. When selecting your façade (siding color & trim) and roof covering, consider the maintenance costs and requirements, and how long the product will last. Remember that the cheapest product out-of-the-box will not necessarily be the least expensive long-term. If we try to sell you something more expensive, odds are pretty good that we’re not just trying to make a buck; we want your home to last!

Electrician installing wiring in a home.
Once the interior of the house is properly protected from the elements, the plumbing, electricity, water heating, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are installed.

You will meet with the electrician to place the electrical outlets and fixtures throughout your home. You will also have an opportunity to add additional outlets and also decide if you would like ceiling lights in bedrooms (for an additional cost). Remember, it will cost more later and will be more inconvenient when the walls are drywalled and your furniture is in — So now is the time to do it!

Included in Matco’s Homes: Insulation
  • R-19 Insulation is added to the exterior walls.
  • R-38 Insulation is then added to your ceilings and
  • R-11 is added in the basement as per NYSEC.
Once everything behind the walls is complete, the flooring, drywall, tiles and cabinetry are installed, and the home is painted. This is the longest phase, for good reason. Unlike the mechanical rough-in step, subcontractors in the interior finish steps usually cannot do work at the same time.

Photo Gallery

To view some of our past new home construction projects, please view the photo gallery below. For more information about our construction services or past remodeling projects in the Greater Rochester area or to schedule a free estimate, please contact Matco Builders today at 585-266-5880 today.

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